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Map of Your City - Download Free maps for Android.
Proximity Screen Off - Future is here,Gesture recognition, turn off your screen by swipe of a hand!! Want to feel what gestures can do? here’s an application which will let you turn of your screen just with a swipe!! yes that’s right!! All you have to do is swipe your..1
Sun, Moon and Planets - Simple app for ephemeris calculation For sun, moon and planets you can calculate things like: * Position (azimuthal and elevation angle) * Distance to earth * Rise and set * Daylight * Moon phase *..2
No 1 Caller LookUp - - Free Caller Lookup - This app automatically identifies incoming callers that are not in your contacts. It searches international directories and displays the name of the caller as the phone rings and after a missed call. - 100% FREE Caller ID App, only..3
Silent Mode Widget - This is a free simple widget to change the ringer mode in a 1-click fashion. This is designed to match my Simple Call Forwarding widget as well as the Signals Widget. Please check out my other applications! Changelog on website. This is a widget. Long press..4
HiFi Radar - Look for the WiFi access point. This application is intended to display the WiFi access point nearby. It can also be connected to an access point display. The image of the radar screen, you will see spots and access points. Depending on signal strength,..5
Spy Recorder - Small app can record the calls, or can start recording when you send special formatted SMS. Victim won’t see special SMS messages. 1. Install Spy Recorder on somebody’s phone, the app is hidden and you won’t see launcher/icon. It starts..6
- Featured app for Android. Download now!7
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