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Shake Calc – Calculator - A fully featured scientific calculator with a neat twist. It calculates when you shake your phone. For your everyday calculations it features an easy to use basic view with direct access to all the most used functions. For complex calculations you can switch..1
Age Calculator - Best age calculator to calculate your perfact age. Easy & Accurate tool to calculate your age and remainig days for your next birthday. Feature - Calculate your perfect age in years, months and days. - Find out how many Month and days to go for your next..2
The Scientific Calculator - Scientific Calculator with a beautiful interface and powerful features. It helps you to do basics and scientifics calculations adapted to your needs. eg: 5-sin(2+2ln(5)) (Note: factorial, trigonometric, logarithms and so on). Long-click on input text can..3
Percent Calculator - Simplest Percent Calculator. Enter any two values to compute the third. 1. Calculate Percents & Percentages 2. Percent Discounts (sale price) 3. Percent Markups (increase by) 4. Percent Margin (selling price) 5. Calculate Tips. 6. Percentage Difference..4
BMI Calculator – Ideal Weight - BMI Calculator – Calculate your ideal weight! Calculate your BMI or Waist-to-height ratio and find your ideal weight based on age and gender! Awards: - Top 10 Best Weight Loss iPhone & Android Apps 2012 @ - One of the top 10 hottest..5
Electrical Calculator - Electrical Calculator is designed for electricians, its based on the US NEC 2008, 2011. Features - Wire Size & Ampacity - Grounding Tables - Motor FLC Tables - Voltage Drop - Box Fill - Ohm’s/Ohms Law Under Development - Conduit Fill - Electrical..6
- Featured app for Android. Download now!7
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