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Smart Call Confrim - Call End Action Blew Callend Vibrate Callend Going to Home Screen Call Confrim No more accidental calls. and Confirm Contacts info Company, Job Title, Notes Call Informer can show: - Nickname - Company - Job Title - Notes - Address - Email Support Theme..1
Call Timer - Talk more and pay less! CallTimerPro was designed to help you limit the time of your incoming and outgoing calls for those with plans where the first 5, 10, 20 or xx minutes are free. If that is your case, get ready to save some money! This app has the..2
SMS Voice CallerID - This app use the Text to Speech engine to speak the caller displayname (if in contacts) when a sms message coming in. You can write your message as a setting. Before or after the callerID. Activate or discativat the service. Tested on android 2.2 NOTICE ..3
Call Recorder - Sun Call Recorder is a simple but useful call recorder,hope it can bring some convenient to..4
Voice Caller ID - Selectively screen calls and manage your time. Great hands-free convenience! OPEN APP ONCE AFTER INSTALL This app integrates with your contacts to read aloud the Caller ID. You can choose whether or not you want the app to announce all calls, or just calls..5
Call Blocker Gold - Control incoming text & phone calls and restrict outgoing calls. Recently featured in Fox News: • Only Call Blocker in market that blocks text messages & outgoing calls • Over 40 thousand active users • 500, community-shared..6
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