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Fruits live wallpaper - Fruits live wallpaper NEW This live wallpaper supports almost all the screen resolutions. Please rate it if you like… Instructions to install it: - go to your home screen; - press the menu button on your device; - select “Wallpaper”; -..1
Shadow Galaxy Live Wallpaper - Maxelus Galaxy Tetralogy (4/4). Shadow Galaxy with lonely planet’s shadow. After impact of galaxies remained lonely planet’s shadow. Here it is: Shadow Galaxy. This is the fourth of the four Galaxies. Maxelus Galaxy Tetralogy (4/4) Please..2
3D Clock Live Wallpaper - 3D Clock Live Wallpaper An original and funny live Wallpaper of a digital 3D clock rotating on the screen background. INSTRUCTIONS: Go to phone settings. Display option Wallpapers Hone screen Wallpaper Live wallpapers Choose Clock 3D Wallpaper Configure the..3
Paperland Live Wallpaper - A fantastic paper cut-out landscape scrolls across your screen! Choose a fixed time of day, or let the sun and moon rise and set according to real world around you. Please note: We are investigating the reports of scrolling lag on Galaxy Nexus devices..4
Photile Live Wallpaper - Photile turns any picture you choose into a grid of floating, fading tiles! Photile turns any picture you choose into a grid of floating, fading, sliding tiles! Touch the tiles and watch as a shockwave ripples across your screen! Get Photile Pro for more tile..5
Nexus Pro Live wallpaper - Nexus Pro Live wallpaper,design by GO Launcher Dev Team, is released. How to use: home screen > menu > Wallpaper > Live..6
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